Tuesday, June 29, 2010

80's Teen movies make me happy

I've been obsessed with the 80's since I was 13 (1998) before 80's were back in fashion and became cool again.I just love the kitchness and stupidity of everything.I kind of hated it when they came back and everyone started reenacting the past just because it's 'cool' to do that.
I remember watching 80's teen movies every Sunday afternoon on TV. They all had a kitchness and a naughty innocence that teen movies don't have anymore.Everytime I watch them they make me feel young and colourful.Even though when I was a teenager I was completely the opposite and hated being one,they make me want to be a teenager again..But a decade before(I was a teenager) and in a different world(movie world).I usually stop being obsessed with things after a while but this 80's obsession has never left me.Even now after all these years I need to watch 80's teen movies when I'm bored,lonely and miserable.


  1. I just wrote a really long comment about 80s films and it came up as error when I posted it nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    I said I also share the love of 80s films too. Just like everyone else though. No one can make a teen film like John Hughes could.
    Don't you think Andie should have gone for Duckie? Stupid Blane!! But then I think, Duckie was way too good for Andie anyway.

    Ok I hope this gets posted.
    oh and I said Nicolas Cage was a babe! I loved that dumb accent he had in Vampire's Kiss. What was that accent? American yuppie?

  2. all the best moviesssssss!
    i agree, nic cage was a total babe. before he lost all his hair,. that is.



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