Sunday, November 28, 2010

All the Kats join in

I love everything about this

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Sketchbook Project 2011

The Sketchbook Project is organised by the Brooklyn Art Library and it's like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks.You sign up,choose a theme and then they send you an empty moleskine sketchbook that you have to fill up and send back to them.After that all the sketchbooks will go on tour around USA and then they will enter into the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library,where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view.

My theme is Inside/Outside

This is my profile :

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nothing really matters and nothing can be lost

Are you angry?Punch a pillow.Was it satisfying?Not hardly.These days people are too angry for punching.What you might try is stabbing.Take an old pillow and lay it on the front lawn.Stab it with a big pointy knife.Again and again and again.Stab hard enough for the point of the knife to go into the ground.Stab until the pillow is gone and you are just stabbing the earth again and again, as if you want to kill it for continuing to spin,as if you are getting revenge for having to live on this planet day after day,alone.

                                                                                                          Miranda July

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let me in

I love:
Opening hospital scene,many layered transparencies
The soundtrack
The acting
The darkness
The blood
The snow
The close ups
The pureness
Romeo and Juliet
Abby's things from the past
The fact that we never really see his mom's face
Kids screaming after Owen hits the bully
The 80's pop songs
The bloody kiss
When Owen closes the door


Saturday, October 2, 2010

T-shirts coming soon

I'm gonna be selling t-shirts with my illustrations soon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fly away from the greyness

I just watched The Red Balloon (Le Ballon Rouge), a film made in Paris in 1956.A little boy,on his way to school finds a big bright red balloon and takes it with him.At first he's not allowed on the bus and then his mother(or grandmother)throws it out of the window.The balloon instead of flying away it comes back to the window and waits until the little boy sees it .The little boy takes it with him to school and plays with the balloon on his way there.The other kids notice that this balloon is different and try to take it from the boy.The teacher gets really angry with the balloon and punishes the boy.Then all the kids chase the boy until they take away his balloon and try to burst it with their slingshots.All these happen a few years after World War II in the poor grey neighbourhoods of Paris where most buildings looked destroyed.It might seem simple and childish but these are the reasons why this film is so beautiful.It's like a poem,or a fairy tale or a song made into a film.I recommend it to anyone who hasn't forgotten what it was like being a child and hasn't lost the ability to dream and dare to be different.

To flee is Life,to linger, Death

 Oskar: Aren't you cold?
Eli: No.
Oskar: Why not?
Eli: I guess I forgotten how.

I love:
The silence

Friday, August 6, 2010

The meaning of life

The Fool: I am ignorant, but I read books. You won't believe it, everything is useful... this pebble for instance.

Gelsomina: Which one?

The Fool: Anyone. It is useful.

Gelsomina: What for?

The Fool: For... I don't know. If I knew I'd be the Almighty, who knows all. When you are born and when you die... Who knows? I don't know for what this pebble is useful but it must be useful. For if its useless, everything is useless. So are the stars!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

80's Teen movies make me happy

I've been obsessed with the 80's since I was 13 (1998) before 80's were back in fashion and became cool again.I just love the kitchness and stupidity of everything.I kind of hated it when they came back and everyone started reenacting the past just because it's 'cool' to do that.
I remember watching 80's teen movies every Sunday afternoon on TV. They all had a kitchness and a naughty innocence that teen movies don't have anymore.Everytime I watch them they make me feel young and colourful.Even though when I was a teenager I was completely the opposite and hated being one,they make me want to be a teenager again..But a decade before(I was a teenager) and in a different world(movie world).I usually stop being obsessed with things after a while but this 80's obsession has never left me.Even now after all these years I need to watch 80's teen movies when I'm bored,lonely and miserable.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last night I discovered Streetwise on Youtube.It's a documentary directed by Martin Bell about street kids in Seattle in the 1980's.It sometimes seemed scripted but even if it was it still depicted a real situation that was going on in Seattle and everywhere else in the world where there is poverty or when irresponsible people become parents.The parents in this documentary shocked me more than anything else.One of them says that her daughter's prostitution is just a phase.Another one seems not to really care when her daughter tells her that she left home because her stepfather was abusing her and she didn't do anything about that.She said,he stopped doing it after you told me so it's fine now.
It's so sad to watch all these young lives getting ruined.The irony is that the tragic life of 16 year old Dewayne Pomeroy was turned into a movie (American Heart by the same director starring Edward Furlong). There were only six people at Dewayne's funeral, two of them were guardians for his dad because he was still in jail. Dewayne lived in the streets his whole life and killed himself a day before his 17th birthday. I don't think he ever imagined that his life would ever become a movie and people would make money out of it. Erin Blackwell(Tiny),the girl in the picture above attended the Oscars when Streetwise was nominated for Best Documentary. She was offered roles in films in Hollywood but apparently turned them down.

Despite the cruelty in those kids lives,they still remained kids.We see them joking with each other and acting like just like any other kid.It's almost as if they don't really understand how serious prostitution and crime are.It seems like a game to them.
There are some very beautiful scenes that show how innocent those kids were even though they lived like corrupted adults.The scenes when Tiny and Rat hang out and go swimming and kiss by the window and the scene where they say goodbye to each other at juvenile.
Also, when Dewayne visits his dad in jail and they try to touch each others hands through the glass.
All these kids wanted somebody to care about them and it seemed like nobody ever did.Even if the director was nice to them during the filming and his documentary made aware more people about their situation,their lives didn't change. I tried to find out where they are today and I found out that most of them are dead or in jail or drug addicts.So was this film another exploitation of these kids lives?Maybe not.I read that the director,Martin Bell and his wife,Mary Ellen Mark, offered to adopt Tiny but she refused.She also turned down a part in a Hollywood film. But would it have been better for her to move to Holywood at 14 and become an actress?I mean think of how many young interesting faces are out there struggling to become actresses.Some of them might become the It girl for a while but then they're back to where they started.On the other hand making a living as a prostitute at 14 isn't better but Tiny might have ended up doing exactly the same thing in Hollywood like so many other young girls.I guess when you're used to living like that it's hard to escape and go back to school or try to do differnet things and try to fit it in with people that never had any experiences like that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He was too fragile for this world

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Madonna were going out for three months in 1982. They met in New York's Lucky Strike Club and soon after that, Madonna moved into his loft.Apparently they were completely different.Basquiat stayed up all night painting and slept all day and Madonna woke up early every day,ate healthy food and tried to take advantage of the daytime.He was a drug addict,she wasn't...Anyway

I found something Madonna wrote about him here :

"He was one of the few people I was truly envious of but he didn't know how good he was and he was plagued with insecurities. He used to say he was jealous of me because music is more accessible and it reached more people. He loathed the idea that art was appreciated by an elite group When I heard that Jean-Michel had died, I was not surprised. He was too fragile for this world."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

That ain't no vulture that's a fucking pigeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally saw Hole!!!!(Well actually just Courtney but it's the same for me) I have been waiting for this since I was 13!!!I bought My Body the Hand Grenade the summer of '98 and after that I got obsessed.Hole was the only band I knew all the lyrics to and actually sang/screamed along when I listened to them.It's also the only band from my teenage years that I never stopped listening to.
Courtney was everything I expected her to be.She made me cry and scream and feel the anger and pain that she felt (even though our lives are completely different).I know what a lot of people think of her but what I admire about her is that she's a REAL rockstar and she never puts on a mask to make a good impression,even if she sometimes does she still reveals her real self in the end.I'm glad she made this album and I hope things in her personal life will get better soon.

Monday, April 26, 2010


I did this drawing because I love MGMT!!!I never stopped listening to Oracular Spectacular and now I can't stop listening to Congratulations.I'm glad that there are no songs like Kids and Time to Pretend in this album, not that I didn't like them but EVERYONE liked those songs and I think that most bands would probably try to write more songs like that for their second album but instead Congratulations is nothing like that.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inner Space

Inner Space
Originally uploaded by paper whistle

I'm continuing getting inspired by artists on flickr.Brandi Strickland (Paper whistle) is another genius I discovered a long time ago but I just noticed that she uploaded some new work which is as magical as always.

John Fogarty

Originally uploaded by John Fogarty

Since I'm still unemployed and running out of money,I have to stay in my room most of the time and because I've been obsessed with Flickr for more than a year now,I've been looking at everyone's photostream trying to find inspiration.Today I discovered John Fogarty,a New Jersey-based artist.I realised I spent more than an hour looking at his entire photostream, trying to imagine what goes through his mind when he's painting,drawing and making collages.He combines colours and shapes in such a beautiful and dreamy way, it makes you feel like there is something underneath the painting and if you look really close it might take you to another dimension.

Here is the link to his Flickr account and a link to an interview he did recently:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Strange Magic

Real life should be like this

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What other people wore

For last two months I have been looking for a job that will help me pay the rent and survive in London.I have been doing some work experience for free as and some extrawork and I was supposed to work as an extra for 3 weeks for a big film but most days got cancelled so I only worked for 5 days.I think my days in London are coming to an end since there's nothing I can do here anymore.While I was handing out CVs to shops,music venues,coffee shops and bars..I went to American Apparel and got the little lookbook that they have been giving out for free.I really liked the pictures so I illustrated them.

I found the two last ones at Time Out Magazine and I really liked the clothes so I illustrated them.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Go-Getter

I did this drawing when I watched The Go-Getter a few weeks ago.I wanted to watch it because I love road-trip movies,I think they offer a sense of freedom and you feel like you're in a dream because everything changes so fast from one city to another.The Go-Getter is a movie about a teenager,Mercer(Lou Taylor Pucci,the boy from Thumbsucker) that decides to to steal a car and go on a road-trip to find his older half-brother that he hasn't seen in fourteen years and inform him that their mother died.On his way there he gets a phone call from the owner of the car, Kate(the wonderful Zooey Deschanel).A strange friendship develops between them.Kate won't tell the police as long as he calls her everyday and tells her about his trip.The dialogue is clever and funny and the soundtrack with songs by Animal Collective,Elliott Smith,M.Ward,The Black keys, create the perfect atmosphere for an indie road-trip movie.The movie gets a bit boring half way but it becomes interesting again towards the end.Anyway,I enjoyed it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Beach House

I drew this after I saw Beach House at the Roundhouse in Camden supporting Grizzly Bear.They were so good,I forgot that I was standing between hundreds of people.I felt like I was still listening to them in my room or on my ipod but it was even better than that.They're more powerful live and unlike many other bands that have been touring for a long time and look tired and kind of bored on stage,they were completely the opposite of that.They were full of energy and seemed to really love what they were doing.Victoria Legrand's voice is magical.I'd love it if Sofia Coppola makes a film and they write the music for it.All their albums make me think of Virgin Suicides and 70's films like 3 Women and Alice in the Cities. I want Sofia Coppola to make a film like Lick the Star but longer and I want Beach House to write the music.Also I want them to write a second soundtrack for Virgin Suicides .That's all.

Don't be afraid...Dolls don't die

I took these pictures when I went to see Alice Anderson's exhibition at the Riflemaker in Soho.Everyone stopped outside to see what's going and were trying to figure out why is there massive red hair hanging out a window,so it took me a long time to take a picture without people standing in front of the building.

Lick the Star

Is that all there is?