Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Go-Getter

I did this drawing when I watched The Go-Getter a few weeks ago.I wanted to watch it because I love road-trip movies,I think they offer a sense of freedom and you feel like you're in a dream because everything changes so fast from one city to another.The Go-Getter is a movie about a teenager,Mercer(Lou Taylor Pucci,the boy from Thumbsucker) that decides to to steal a car and go on a road-trip to find his older half-brother that he hasn't seen in fourteen years and inform him that their mother died.On his way there he gets a phone call from the owner of the car, Kate(the wonderful Zooey Deschanel).A strange friendship develops between them.Kate won't tell the police as long as he calls her everyday and tells her about his trip.The dialogue is clever and funny and the soundtrack with songs by Animal Collective,Elliott Smith,M.Ward,The Black keys, create the perfect atmosphere for an indie road-trip movie.The movie gets a bit boring half way but it becomes interesting again towards the end.Anyway,I enjoyed it.


Lick the Star

Is that all there is?