Monday, March 15, 2010

Beach House

I drew this after I saw Beach House at the Roundhouse in Camden supporting Grizzly Bear.They were so good,I forgot that I was standing between hundreds of people.I felt like I was still listening to them in my room or on my ipod but it was even better than that.They're more powerful live and unlike many other bands that have been touring for a long time and look tired and kind of bored on stage,they were completely the opposite of that.They were full of energy and seemed to really love what they were doing.Victoria Legrand's voice is magical.I'd love it if Sofia Coppola makes a film and they write the music for it.All their albums make me think of Virgin Suicides and 70's films like 3 Women and Alice in the Cities. I want Sofia Coppola to make a film like Lick the Star but longer and I want Beach House to write the music.Also I want them to write a second soundtrack for Virgin Suicides .That's all.


Lick the Star

Is that all there is?