Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alice Anderson's Time Reversal

I just discovered Alice Anderson.I saw interesting pictures of her work in a magazine.Apparently she created a doll that's a replica of herself with the help of sculptor Livia Turco and Madame Tussaud's.
This is what she said about the doll:

'The more I talked,the more the doll grew.I remember being very sick at the time,while the doll got stronger and stronger.Later it became a sort of guardian,my invigilator.Then,bit by bit,I felt threatened by its presence.That's when I made the series Puppet Master .In this picture, the doll seems to be an excrescence of myself and it looks like she's up to something.A sort of Mr Hyde.I put her in a coffin because I was trying to free myself from her influence.Icommitted an act of violence against my replica, but didnt choose just to put her in a closet and forget her.On the contrary, I put her in the centre,exhibiting her like a precious object.I'm protecting her...'
I'm going to Riflemaker in Soho tomorrow to see her exhibition.

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