Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice Kingsley:This is impossible. The Mad Hatter:Only if you believe it is.

I watched Alice in Wonderland last week. I had been waiting for it for a year and like with many things that I build up an image in my head and think that they're gonna be amazing..I got disappointed.
Maybe because I don't really like 3D and battles and seeing famous actors playing characters that I imagined in a completely different way. I always thought Tim Burton's films were special because of the dark fairy-tale like-worlds he creates but this film is more like video game.In the beginning it had that something that most Tim Burton's films have.The scene where six year old Alice wakes up from a nightmare and the scene where 19 year old Alice falls in the hole and walks to the flower garden.After that it seemed like someone else took over.There were parts where it seemed like Tim Burton returned but then he was gone again.
I felt the same about Alice's(Mia Wasikowska,who looked like a young Gwyneth Paltrow)acting.Sometimes it seemed like she was just reading her lines and some other times it seemed like she was really the curious Alice that never grew up.The Red Queen(the amazing Helena Bonham Carter) was exactly like the Disney cartoon version of the 1951 film and the Mad Hatter(Johnny Depp)was was like a cool,crazy guy on drugs was very different from the Disney film because in this film we get t see two sides of him.The completely crazy side and the sensitive side of him.I have to admit though,his bright green eyes were annoying sometimes.
Colleen Atwood did a great job with the costumes,as always.

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